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Hey we are a website that teaches you how to get free prizes, such as Video Games, Electronics, Video Games, Money and Much more!


There are thousands of websites that offer many free prizes, almost anything you can think of. The way they are able to give away stuff is simple, they get paid everytime someone signs up on their site and completes an offer.


What's an offer?

-An offer is a trial of a program or a product that you complete after you sign up on their website. These trials are sometimes free, but usually they cost around $1-$5. That is the only money you will have to pay to get your free prize! Sounds pretty good right? $5 for a free Playstation 3 or $500 or anything else you want...


After you complete an offer you must refer people to do the same thing you just did (sign up and complete an offer.) For 1 referral you usually gain around $50. So if you want a prize that is around $500, you will need to get 10 referrals.


What are referrals?

-Referrals are people who sign up under your unique link. When you join a Freebie site you will be given a unique link that will be linked to your account, so whenever someone clicks that link and completes an offer you will get credit for it and you get a referral.


There are many techniques to get referrals. You can have your family and friends complete offers for you or you can get people over the internet to get referrals for you.


Don't go out and spend your hard earned money on something when you can get it for FREE online.


It is easy to get started! Just click one of the prizes below you want!

Then Sign up

Complete and offer

Then tell your friends!

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NOTE: You will recieve a copy of this website if you buy the e-book. You will recieve it is HTML form and you will be given instructions on how to exactly set it up on to the internet. You are allowed to customize it.

Prizes We Have Won!


-Apple 16Gb Iphone


-Playstation 3


- Xbox 360 Elite


-$500 Cash


-$480 Cash


-$300 Cash


-$250 Cash


- $200 Cash


-Mac Book


-Mac Book Pro


-Ipod 30Gb Video


-Ipod 80 Gb


-Ipod Touch 8 Gb


- Ipod Touch 16 Gb


-Ipod Touch 32 Gb


-Apple Tv


-$300 Itunes Card


-$500 Walmart Card


-Nintendo Wii


-Playstation Portable


-Sony Digital Camera